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14 Nov

Our Synth Awareness Competition

Posted By George Barker

Your chance to win one of the two Teenage Engineering pocket synthesizers ( I mean who doesn’t want a pocket Synth – so much fun!) and at the same time discover the wide-ranging world of electronic music available in the Ravenwood Library.


Simply be the 19th or 35th person to login and audition our selected Synth Awareness playlist and discover a wonderful palette of sounds and broad range of styles, from Ambient Electronica, Minimalist, Dark Drama, Jazztronica, Synthpop, EDM, Classitronic, and the latest Synthwave tracks.  From deep emotional human interest to clinical scientific and hi-tech; from atmospheric soundscapes to quirky feelgood tracks; an amazingly versatile catalogue with wide application.

You never know – you might even find it hits the spot – stranger things have happened!