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17 Sep


Posted By George Barker

This latest release from writer and producer BJ Schweinllin, on Ravenwood’s own label, is an orchestral hybrid album of epic action and adventure, featuring 15 cinematic tracks, each with a range of sub-mixes to maximise usability – a total of 77 tracks in all.  Combining orchestral, choral, modern percussion  and  some electronica, this offers a rich palette of sounds.  Each track features discreet intro/outro sections with dynamic builds and epic climaxes.  Check it out now RAVE024 Quest And Conquest.

Multi-Instrumentalist (piano, keyboards, drums, percussion and native American flute), audio engineer and producer, BJ has been deeply involved in music for the whole of his life, working in various fields including ethnic percussion, electronica and ambient music but here his skills come together in the creation of imaginative and dynamic cinematic scoring, painstakingly recorded and mixed for trailer, promo and general film and television production.

So maybe now is the time also to re-visit BJ’s debut album RAVE020 Dark Knight Of The Soul for a feast of tense chilling and suspenseful thriller and crime drama tracks.