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04 Sep


Posted By George Barker

Yes, in a new study cardiologists have reported that listening to music – especially instrumental music – is as good as physical exercise as far as a healthy heart goes.

Prof Delijanin Ilic, the lead investigator, from the Institute of Cardiology, University of Nis, Serbia, said: “When we listen to music we like then endorphins are released from the brain and this improves our vascular health. There is no ‘best music’ for everyone – what matters is what the person likes and makes them happy.”

She went on to add “Listening to favourite music alone and in addition to regular exercise training improves endothelial function and therefore may be an adjunct method in the rehabilitation of patients with coronary artery disease. There is no ‘ideal’ music for everybody and patients should choose music which increases positive emotions and makes them happy or relaxed.”

(For the full report see The Daily Telegraph )

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