Monthly Archives: July 2019

Uplifting – Feelgood – Family Holiday Fun – this new album from PostHaste will make the journey fly by! The new album Playful And Sweet is a light acoustic set in carefree holiday mood. Check it out now at: PHM303 Playful And Sweet

Brand X Production Music will have you on the edge of your seat with their latest album Thriller And Sound Design Vol 3, featuring seventy one tracks of rising fear, nail-biting suspense and overwhelming anxiety !

Just uploaded to our MyDriveMusic search site are the two latest releases from the Brand X Trailer Music catalogue. INCUBATE A disturbingly dark and dangerous collection of threatening themes, nail biting narrow escapes, and pulse pounding percussion.  Dark and devilish deeds indeed – horror – suspense – action – adventure . . . SO ARE […]

Yes, me hearties, the latest trailer for the launch of the iPad version of SEGA’s Puzzle Pirates features a powerful music track from PostHaste: And just what is that wonderful swashbucklimng music score? The track they chose is Sail The Irish Sea from PHM006 Family Adventute & Comedy check out the album through our search […]

Check out the latest realeases from Strange Fruit: Mystery And Magic  – an album of light ethereal underscore, fresh, natural acoustic sounds and textures bring you a world of fantasy. And by total contrast Electro Tonic – powerful and edgy electronica- anthemic indie elctro dance tracks. SFT129 Mystery And Magic SFT130 Electro Tonic Check them […]