Monthly Archives: July 2019

04 Jul

We are pleased to welcome X-IT Music to the Ravenwood music boutique.  A high-end catalogue of trailer, sound design, videogame and advertising music Рget a taste of it here and of course full audition and download can be accessed through

. . when from my speakers erupted an awesome fright . . no, not the Monster Mash but Brand X’s Terror Lab 2. Seventeen spine-chilling tracks of dark sound design. Check it out if you dare on our MyDriveMusic search site Terror Lab Vol 2 and don’t forget the original volume Terror Lab

Stories of love and loss, emotion and melodrama are to be found on the latest release from RedCola. This beautifully recorded piano album explores the gamut of emotion – all human life is here! Check the album out now on our MyDriveMusic search site Story Cycles

Previously only available for licence in the USA we can now offer the latest – and possibly greatest – from Brand X under their new label Brand X Music Theatrical. The first three releases include the long-awaited album Epyllion – epic, adventure, fantasy, action; X Marks The Spot – family, adventure, fantasy, magic and Elevate […]

Still our fastest growing catalogue, this month sees no fewer than seven new albums from the label, covering a broad range of musical styles and genres. All of course are available on our MyDriveMusic Search Site now. The new albums are: SFT161 Lifestyle SFT162 Ear Worm SFT163 Medical SFT164 Tense Fantasy SFT165 Twisted Beats SFT166 […]