Monthly Archives: August 2018

. . . and some haunting magical themes on Arthouse Cinema Vol 1 this rich and imaginative album from the Brand X Production Music label. Also check out the gritty and determined Modern Rock Hybrid Vol 2 for some relentless rock action. BXM629 Arthouse Cinema Vol 1 BXM628 Modern Rock Hybrid Vol 2 MyDrive Click […]

04 Aug

We start the month with four new albums: PHM017 Music Miscellanea PHM018 Disruptive Precision PHM019 Elements – Medleys PHM020 Family Fun And Comedy Music Miscellanea – orchestral adventure, triumph, conquest; Disruptive Precision – orchestral action, drama, tension, suspense; Elements – Medleys – mysterious, magical, serene; Family Fun And Comedy – exactly that! Fantasy, Adventure, Family […]

Recently recorded live in Detroit, Frameworks revist the golden age of big band and jazz with their latest albums: Big Band – A broad spectrum of Big Band Jazz and Swing; instant mood setting for the flavour of an era spanning over three decades Cocktail Jazz – Smooth Sophisicated Cocktail Lounge Jazz; piano trio and […]

. . . well, over 26k actually, offering a wide choice from 25 independent catalogues and covering every genre of music – probably the largest source of independent production music out there. In addition to the standard search – by keyword, genre, album, etc, the MyDriveMusic website offers enhanced project management through the use of […]

Four more new albums from Strange Fruit to make this summer memorable: Chillwave – a Glo-Fi and Summer Beat treat! Eat – fresh, organic, lifestyle themes and underscores Redux – light tension, stong on atmosphere, dramatic underscore Laid Back – an album of warm, relaxing acoustic feelgood music SFT131 Chillwave SFT132 Eat SFT133 Redux SFT134 […]