Monthly Archives: October 2017


Yes, something a little different – sparkling Steel Pan themes and dreamy synths – indulge yourself in this feelgood fest! Check the album out now on our MyDriveMusic search site Liquid Light

Coinciding nicely with both Halloween and the UK launch of the second series of Stranger Things, this latest two-volume Synthwave album from Ravenwood’s BJ Schweinlin features a total of 85 tracks – that is 30 main tracks plus alt mixes, sub mixess and underscores. Indie-drama for the Netflix generation the mood is dark – mysterious […]

It’s Gritty, it’s Dystopian, it is the very Underworld laid bare in this latest release from redCola . . .             Featuring a staggering 293 tracks this alnbum represents a trailer library in itself.  For convenience of use on our MyDrive search site we have spilt this into two albums […]

For their scary trailer for the UK’s top soap Eastenders, the BBC chose tracks from Sonic Ozault (Primal Fear) and drum hits for Cinetrax (Axe Attacks) to build the tension is this promo which has already had over 2 million hits! Check out the vid here . . . and be afraid . . . […]