Monthly Archives: June 2017

Catch the latest online ad from Hotel Chocolat featuring music from Strange Fruit: featuring Washed Out Funk from SFT131 Chillwave check out the album through our search site

10 Jun

Two more releases on the Frameworks Song Junkies label: SJM003 Eclectic Cafe – an album of tender emotion in singer-songwriter style from Lindsay Tomasic and SJM002 Indie Grass – a collection of Country-Meets-Indie-Folk, vocals from Abi Posner.  Both albums feature instrumental and underscore versions of the main vocal tracks.

Something for the Brazil Nuts out there . . . the latest Frameworks album features some useful Brazilian flavours. Check it out now on the MyDrive site: FWM68 Caliente Commercials Also just released is an acoustic treat FWM67 Light And Playful – what a delight in store!

Yes, the latest from Strange Fruit – no fewer than seven new albums released in the last month! These include: Dark Zone & Dark Zone 2 – Crime Scene Drama, Tension And Suspense Electro Lytic – Cutting Edge Dance Tracks Future Times – Business, Current Affairs, Contemporary Media Production Interwoven Acoustic – Lifestyle, Travel And […]

Just uploaded to our MyDriveMusic server are three new albums from the Ed Wood Music catalogue: EW045 Electro Pop And Reggae EW046 Dubstep And Dance EW047 Indie Rock And Alternative You will of course need to be registered and log in to audition and download tracks.