Monthly Archives: March 2017

. . . discover an amazing world of epic journeys and encounters. Fantasy and magic abound in the seventeen captivating themes, all with sub-mixes and alternative versions, on the latest album from the renowned Brand X Theatrical series. Check the Portal now on our MyDriveMusic search site

. . . like all journeys, begins with the first step, which in this case means checking out the latest album from PostHaste – and be transported to a world of family adventure, fantasy and magic. . . Take that first step now on our MyDriveMusic search site and start out on a Magnificent Journey

As the co-developer¬†(with JW Media Music) of our MyDrive music search and delivery website¬† and Plug n Play hard drive, Ravenwood is proud to sponsor Best Music in this year’s Televisual Bulldog Awards . Now in its eleventh year, voting is open to the entire UK production community, and the results will be announced at […]

The two latest releases from Frameworks are in sharp contrast to the warm organic acoustic vibes we as used to as they hit us with two powerful albums FWM71 Euphoric Trance – a big slice of energy, drive and euphoria – followed by FWM72 80s Attitude – a veritable feast of retro-style new wave synth-pop. […]

Frameworks has always been about perfomance, and nowhere is that more important than with vocal tracks. Just launched is the new Frameworks series Song Junkies, which will address the growing market for vocal production music tracks. The first release of the series is now available for audition and download on our MyDrive Music site: Euro […]