Monthly Archives: December 2016

Join the intrepid Xplorers on a musical journey with the latest album from Brand X Music Theatrical. With twenty five main tracks and many submixes and stems, there is indeed much to explore! Check the album out now on our MyDriveMusic search site Xplorers

Exploration, discovery, awe and wonder – Deep Space – the latest release on Ravenwood’s own label features twenty four tracks of exapnsive, spatial and powerful tracks evoking images of the mysterious universe on a cinematic scale.  Sometimes stark and dramatic, sometimes ethereal, floating weightless, begin a journey of discovery on our MyDriveMusic search site Deep […]

22 Dec

All best wishes for the Christmas Holidays and for a prosperous New Year – time to enjoy a little foretaste of Winter . . . All twelve movements of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons realised in contemporary arrangements are available on our MyDriveMusic website: Vivaldi – Seasons Change Ideal for seasonal promos, advertising and documentaries – on […]

The first of a series of cutting-edge, hard-hitting, sound design heavy albums for trailers, promos and indie drama underscore is now available from Cinetrax. Check it our now on our MyDriveMusic search site Punchbox 1 Volume 1 will be followed by two more albums in 2015.

Downtempo yes, but certainly not just another ambient chillout album. This latest from Mark Cherrie features some supperb drama underscore, urban beats and a touch of Indetronica. Twenty beautifully crafted downtempo tracks – today’s TV soundtrsack. Check it out now on the MyDriveMusic site: Uplifting – Downtempo