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Our latest album Soundscapes – Natural Elements is an atmospheric collection of underscores inspiring awe at the natural world with fire and ice, equatorial and polar – the wondrous and the sublime. Check the album out now on our MyDriveMusic search site Soundscapes – Natural Elements

01 Feb

So, February already and we have lots of new releases for 2017 with new albums from Brand X, Post Haste, Source In Sync, Strange Fruit, Sonic Ozault, and Ravenwood! Check them all out on the MyDriveMusic search site.

Celebrating 15 years of excellence in theatrical music production, Brand X‘s latest release – Chronos – demonstrates perfectly why they command so much respect from editors and producers and why they have remained at the top of their game. To provide a little behhind-the-scenes insight into how they achieve their consistently high production values check […]

Very excited about the latest boutique catalogue to be added to the Ravenwood roster. We now represent an amazing catalogue from NY Score House – Figure And Groove. Comprising close to fifty albums and covering a comprehensive range of music – ah, there is some excellent stuff here! For a little taste check out this […]

Possibly the most well-known Baroque classical work, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons has universal and enduring appeal. Our latest album release from Ravenwood Music offers a contemporary realisation of all twelve movements using modular synthesizers. Each movement is unique in the use of sounds, and of course, like the original, offers a variety of mood from […]