Monthly Archives: June 2014

The ever prolific Strange Fruit have reached their hundredth album this month – with more on the way! ┬áTruly a bumper crop this year!

Two new albums from Ravenwood Music – Landscpaes – Wide Open Spaces and Soundscapes – Aerial View featuring haunting, atmospheric tracks illustrating the wonders of nature and the awe inspiring topography of our planet. Check out Landscapes – Wide Open Spaces Soundscapes – Aerial View

This great new album from Frameworks features a broad range of simple but effective string tracks ranging from the quirky, tongue-in-cheek and comedic to the sweet and sophiticted and classical Check the album out now on our MyDriveMusic search site Bare Bones Violin

27 Jun

The latest release from brave and fearless PostHaste is an album of superhero action and adventure, so search for the hero inside yourself at: PHM015 Courage And Power and capture the fearless courage of a superhero

Catch the latest online ad from Hotel Chocolat featuring music from Strange Fruit: featuring Washed Out Funk from SFT131 Chillwave check out the album through our search site