Monthly Archives: February 2014

Let RedCola take you on a journey to lands of mystery awe and wonder through deserts and sublime landscapes. Strong on atmosphere, this powerful album will features ethnic sounds and instruments and will work with news,docmentary, natural history and of course travel. Hitch up the camel and check it out now at For The Road

Six new albums to get the year off to a flying start: The four-volume set of Music For Film offer a broad range of atmosphere and emotion, featuring many longer tracks which could sustain for entire scenes or provide a tailor-made opening and closing. Check out the first volume Music For Film Vol 1 – […]

Enter a world of adventure, magic and fantasy with this haunting and evocative new album from PostHatse – PHM014 Awe And Wonder. Let your imagination run wild. Check it out now on the MyDriveMusic search site