Monthly Archives: August 2013

31 Aug

The latest release fom Ravenwood’s own label. A collection of bright, fluid, textural tracks with constant movement. Here is a ‘behind the scenes’  (YT video) look at the track ‘Just Friends’: Check the album out now on our MyDriveMusic search site Ambient Minimalism

22 Aug

Distant Cosmos and Rhythmic Ascension 2, the latest releases from PostHaste, both visit the world of dark, dramatic textures, suspense and thriller underscore, and awesome soundscapes. Check them out now on our MyDriveMusic search site Distant Cosmos and Rhythmic Ascension 2

. . . and some haunting magical themes on Arthouse Cinema Vol 1 this rich and imaginative album from the Brand X Production Music label. Also check out the gritty and determined Modern Rock Hybrid Vol 2 for some relentless rock action. BXM629 Arthouse Cinema Vol 1 BXM628 Modern Rock Hybrid Vol 2 MyDrive Click […]

04 Aug

We start the month with four new albums: PHM017 Music Miscellanea PHM018 Disruptive Precision PHM019 Elements – Medleys PHM020 Family Fun And Comedy Music Miscellanea – orchestral adventure, triumph, conquest; Disruptive Precision – orchestral action, drama, tension, suspense; Elements – Medleys – mysterious, magical, serene; Family Fun And Comedy – exactly that! Fantasy, Adventure, Family […]

Recently recorded live in Detroit, Frameworks revist the golden age of big band and jazz with their latest albums: Big Band – A broad spectrum of Big Band Jazz and Swing; instant mood setting for the flavour of an era spanning over three decades Cocktail Jazz – Smooth Sophisicated Cocktail Lounge Jazz; piano trio and […]