Monthly Archives: April 2013

Once again, Ravenwood will be attending the broadcaster’s convention in Vegas.  We will be there from April 11th until April 15th, hooking up with our associates, colleagues and friends – and making new acquaintances along the way. In recent years, the production music centre of NAB is most definitely the Parasol Up lounge at the […]

Action, Adventure and Epic Heroics are the theme of the latest album from Brand X Prodction Music. Growing from a whisper to a scream, the cues feature driving strings, dramatic percussion, choirs and the Brand X production values that you would expect. Each track has sub-mixes offering a great range of weight from full-on to […]

Yes, at the end of the week, Ravenwood will be in Las Vegas for NAB2014, hooking up with our publishers from around the world and hopefully making some new acquaintences. Anyone wishing to make contact should email us and we can arrange to meet up.

29 Apr

Two new releases from Frameworks Music, Pop, Rock & Soul – an exciting, contemporary and very commercial sounding album and Caliente Guitars – Latino duelling guitarists!

Check out the latest video ad featuring PostHaste Music – an updated twist on the infamous line that launched a thousand cougars — ”Mrs. Robinson, I think you’re trying to seduce me”. Model Heidi Klum, Jim Beam liquor, Carl’s Jr., the legendary Mrs. Robinson and PostHaste Music Library would be quite the Awkward Date! Instead, all together […]